Summer fun – shoot with Phototrinity and BlondeTravels!

So this was my second shoot post lockdown with my ex housemate and best friend BlondeTravels!! Jodie did most of the planning for this and honestly she’s just so talented and organized!

We went to Dawlish Warren once lockdown eased up and decided to shoot a cross of swimwear and vintage inspired fashion, utilizing the opportunity to catch full daylight and golden hour! Jodie, Jason and I; we are probably the most fun-loving people you can find on a set! While we have a great laugh and so much fun – we also get really serious and do our best to get amazing images!

Having good friends you can work with can make the images pop out so much as there’s a sort of connection that can be shown on the camera, and it makes it easier for the photographer to capture the images too!

It’ll be my 10th (I think?) time working with Jason this Thursday coming up for a cosplay themed shoot! Us three also work regularly together and will be resident models to his studio when it is finished being built!

I’ll be making this a short post as this will allow me to transition and explore my more thought out – planned ideas. I’ll use the shorter posts to allow you guys to have a break between my really long pieces of work!

The dark aesthetic – ventures into erotica and BDSM/dark alternative themes.

TRIGGER WARNING – mentions of sexual abuse. Be cautious when reading.

I haven’t written for a while for a lot of reasons, but as this is more of a personal blog than anything else. So I figured I can do this as and when sparks inspiration.

Following my alternative themed blog with Anna. I will be taking the time to write two today – one regarding this shoot and another about one I’ve had recently post-strict lockdown!

So today’s themes were split into two parts – a cool coloured test shoot regarding different props and features, as well as a more dark alternative style. Something I’ve been dying to add to my line up for ages. But with my main focus being mainstream fashion and my past hesitancy to look into darker themes, this was rather exciting.

My mum always disliked dark coloured styles – they didn’t add to the look and made me look sickly and pale, she said. But I think it let me come out of my shell and explore a side of me I didn’t even think was there.

I don’t have many images from the shoot but when I get them I’ll edit and post them here – any that are less appropriate for the site will be used on my fan sites.

Initially after both me and Colin shared hesitancy for darker themes and specifically for me, higher levels than topless. I eventually asked Colin if he would work on these sets with me as I wanted a professional out take on some of the content I create, and better quality pictures than the ones I see on my camera. After he expressed a good friend of mine was meant to be doing BDSM, nude, and erotic/erotica, but could not make it to the shoot so I had expressed my interest in this opportunity. My best friend and model friend Tamara also helped inspire my desire to shoot such a theme – the art of sexualization – as opposed to just upfront sexualization and nudity. The notion definitely makes more sense in my head than it does out loud. My friend Carrie also was writing her dissertation on the impact of BDSM in the art world (while not her specific title, I was captivated by her creativity and her intellect) and talking to her about figuring out a way to do implied themes without actually having to take my clothes off really helped me out with the sets I’ve taken on this shoot.

Although we mostly used Colin’s props and my outfits – they worked really well and really got what we wanted from the shoot.

This allowed me to have a bolster of confidence I never thought I could have due to the fact I never shot higher than lingerie sets on most shoots and this was due to my past and me being a survivor of many experiences of sexual abuse – both on and out of the industry. And this made me rather reluctant to do anything that I felt could insinuate anything more; people I’m supposed to trust and work with that could take advantage of the experience.

We managed to make it so that we pushed both our boundaries but allowed me to feel comfortable and do things at my own pace. Me and Colin have always had that type of friendship and it shows in the images! I also got the opportunity to promote a brand I work with which is also a great experience.

I’m really looking forward to doing more of these themes and styles as I still feel I’m going through a journey. Something that’s taking me a while to understand and get used to but a journey nonetheless. Me and Colin have come so far with our ideas, styles and limits and I appreciate everything he’s done to help me build such confidence and clarity. I found the shoot personally very fun and liberating, as it’s been on my to do list for a while and I know Colin has been asking for more risque looks from me! It makes a drastic difference from the sensual, colourful stuff I usually do and honestly I love it so much!

A venture into the alternative – Anna Edelrid

With the lockdown in place now, I’ve seemingly struggled to work on a new routine so I can do all the things I want to do currently. Anyways — the long awaited post!

Ever since I started my modelling journey roughly this time last year, I never truly found a definitive style I was drawn to — my general look/make-up and attire were definitely more mainstream; my body was fitting for glamour themed shoots but my tattoos and piercings meant that my opportunities for shoots were down to the prerogative of the photographer’s — some didn’t like the more “alternative” features so I’d say there wasn’t any particular box I fitted in.

I mainly did utilize my look to do fashion shoots and lingerie shoots, but more as a girl with tattoos rather than being categorized as an ‘X’ model or a ‘Z’ model.

Until one day, a photographer I work with regularly had recommended Anna Edelrid; a professional Swiss photographer who travels around Europe hoping to capture alternative beauties. My first thoughts were — ‘there’s no way she’d want to work with me’, but I took the plunge anyways as I loved the look of her work!

What are the chances she’d say yes?!

The next question was– who should the other model be?

From my research into the available alternative models within the South West, I noticed that the area has quite the alternative scene here. Our first go to model was busy, and Anna wanted noted all the models we found and had decided she wanted to come back and meet the others. Anna ended up messaging local alternative model Jade Alexandra, we ended up meeting some time later.

Everyone met at my place — Anna and her partner Alex, as well as Jade and her fiancΓ© Jake. I had the privilege of having Jade do my make up and Anna advising me on what to wear before we started shooting in the living room of my old house πŸ™‚

I highly recommend booking Jade as a model if you’re looking for someone with an amazing look and a great heart to boot! And if you’re in Europe, please book Anna, she’s absolutely talented and has a good eye as well as an understanding for natural light and spaces!

I took everything I had learned on this shoot on board, and shot again with Anna later in the year in London. Where not only had she booked a space for us to shoot in, but was my biggest shoot to date. Not only did we collaborate with Max Diesel, who runs C.U.N.T (Clothing Unlike Other Trends) but the sets of images from that shoot got 4 Publications:

-Twisted Edge issue 71
-FWModels December Edition
-Electric Dreams January 2020 edition
-Dirty Dollz (TBD)

Along with this, Anna created two calenders featuring me (and Jade!) as well! It was an absolutely thrilling experience being able to utilize the features I had that weren’t mainstream and make them be the very definition of the pictures we shot.

Please check them all out:
Jade: Jade Alexandra Model (Purpleport/Facebook) Ajadetoremember/Jade_Alexandra_Model (Instagram)
Anna: Anna Edelrid (Purpleport) Anna Edelrid Photography (Facebook) Anna_Edd12 (Instagram)
Max: Mdx13 (purpleport) Maxdieselx (Instagram)

5th shoot with Colin Winstanley

I know the title sounds rather off — fifth shoot? Who starts blogging about their FIFTH shoot? Well me. With all the negativity floating around and everyone having to self-isolate due to a current Global Crisis, I wanted to discuss the creative concept around this shoot as from my first year of modelling, this shoot has taken the LONGEST time to plan, to purchase for, to organize. What was meant to be a birthday shoot soon turned into a potential Valentines Day shoot until finally, on the 8th of March, me and Colin met up for the fifth time to finally bring the plan to fruition.

I initially wanted to do a really girly shoot: think Mean Girls, To All the Boys I Loved Before or Clueless, or if you’re into music, Marina and the Diamonds and Conan Gray. These certain films and musicians gave us insight to the idea of Romanticism, the movies and Conan Gray delve into the idea of gender roles and “crush culture”, getting the guy to chase the girl around, if a girl sleeps around she’s a whore; a man who does the same: a champion. Women are saints and need to be treated like princess while men need to go hand a feet in order to provide outside of the home At a time where we would be just exploring ourselves, what we like and don’t like and what not, the extra pressure isn’t needed.

I had the biggest obsession with Marina in Sixth Form and her Album “Electra Heart” was my original inspiration for a shoot like this, her music inciting a different insight to pop music, and satirical references that subverted the original intention of pop hits. It’s weird how innately, the terms “crush”, ” Romance” And “pop” make me think of the colour Pink at some point; more prominently than other colours. And when I think of Pink, I think of Barbie’s, so that’s where the two first sets originated from.

The idea came into passing when on our first or second shoot early last year, Colin had mentioned about using a pink backdrop he had to compliment my brown and pink wig I own. Then I knew I really wanted to do something really fun, flirty and cute, so had provided a casting on the modelling site I use in order to see if someone could shoot this kind of shoot with me. Unfortunately I was dealing with personal issues not long after so I didn’t end up doing the shoot!

Fast forward to the mid January this year, me and Colin got into talks again about the “pink shoot” And had planned it for the date we both had available, 8th March as we both agreed we needed to take our time to create such an image. I had two mood boards, a playlist (which really wasn’t useable” And some other image boards that helped us get our plan together.

8th March 2020 — Colin picked me up from my home and we travelled to his home studio in Newton Abbot, on the way I had mentioned I bought some balloons in London and wondered if he had any at home, we the popped into Hobbycraft to get some white and pink balloons to match what I had. We got back after and Colin popped one of my rose gold heart balloons unfortunately but nonetheless, we still carried on.

Note: I also had a multi-coloured balloon that said “happy birthday” on it as well but due to the amount of colours on it compared to what I was shooting – it wasn’t going to work, luckily I refunded it at work!

We went through over 6 outfits and used 3 different lighting techniques with the images, after getting what I wanted from the shoot. We decided to play around with some other outfits Colin had out for me and honestly, it’s one of the best shoots I’ve done so far!

The backdrop was washed with a faded pink, the balloons purchased and blown up, the actual photo and editing was done by Colin Winstanly Photography on Facebook, check him out! The hat and jacket from the second set is owned by Chelsea Airey and I just planned the theme, bought my outfits and styling skills to the set!

The original casting that inspired this shoot! We’ve definitely come a long way since then and I couldn’t be more prouder!

My next blog post will be about my last shoot with Anna Edelrid — My biggest publication from a London shoot! Stay tuned.

Chloe Valentine πŸ’•

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